I’m a Compliance Officer and Manager at Deutsche Bank Asset Management division. My team monitors trading activity to ensure that it is conducted within the agreed client agreements and adhering to government regulations.


I was born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania by a Tanzanian mother and a Malawian father who was living there as a political dissident. I emigrated to the United States 12 years ago for higher education. Since then, I have been living in New York City except for 2 years I spent in Florida on a work assignment.

Why AiD?

AiD is a crucial platform that bridges Africans in the diaspora to their kin on the Continent. It recognizes their traditional philanthropic efforts and intellectual contributions to the economic and social transformation happening back home. For years, there has been a missing link on how members in the diaspora could tangibly engage, support and complement Africa development efforts. I’m thrilled to support AiD’s effort to bridge this divide through innovative programs and dialogue.