Manager, HOW Fund


I was born in Chicago and lived in Yonkers, NY until I was 15. After that time I lived in many places but when I moved to California in 1989 I found home and this is where my heart resides. I am astounded by the beauty of this state and am always amazed that I can be in one place looking at the ocean in front of me and the mountains behind me.

Why AiD?

This one is easy. Because of Solome and Zanele. Africa has become an important destination of global prosperity but there is a lack of opportunity for the Africa Diaspora to collaborate and contribute to Africa’s development.  AiD strives to reach out to the African Diaspora to harness resources, transfer knowledge and amplify African voices.  What makes AiD unique is the ability of donors to bring in new groups and ideas in a spirit of collaboration and partnership that will help local communities in Africa to flourish.  The potential for impact is greatest when those being served are the main stakeholders.