About the organization

Want to know what change looks like? It’s anywhere from 6 months to 20 years old, curious, questioning, with a big smile. ImagiNation Afrika’s mission is to promote critical thinking and transform how children and youth in Africa perceive themselves and their ability to contribute to development. As the organization says, 

“We believe in a world of African children change-makers solving the problems of development, and imagine Africa of 2025 to be powerfully led by young people who can critically think and creatively problem solve.”
— ImagiNation Afrika

How ImagiNation Afrika translates this aspiration into action

Two years ago, ImagiNation Afrika developed Generation 2025 (Gen2025), an initiative that works to give adolescent girls concrete and soft skills to be leaders of their communities. Specifically, the girls receive coding training from Jigene Tech Hub, a Dakar-based organization of women coders; creative arts lessons from Senegalese writers and filmmakers; and life skills education from Imagination Afrika’s staff. Girls that show interest, potential, and promise transition to Girls Lead Now, which is an alumnae program that pairs the girls with mentors as they pursue their academic, creative, and leadership pursuits. To date, ImagiNation Afrika has played, discovered, and learned alongside 8,000 children, young people, and their communities.


Why ImagiNation Afrika matters 

Africa has the highest concentration of young people anywhere on the planet, with 200 million aged between 15 and 24. In Senegal, youth under the age of 20 comprise 59% of the population. These young people are the future of their country, but to be able to contribute meaningfully, they require substantial investment in their holistic mental, emotional, social, and cognitive development. ImagiNation Afrika offers just that by helping young women tap into their creative and analytical skills, building their self-confidence, and connecting them to mentors who share their world views. 

How your fundraising supported ImagiNation Afrika

Through ImagiNation Afrika’s Generation 2025 program for adolescent girls, 100 young women will receive computer coding, creative writing, and leadership training.  A select number of the girls from this program will continue on to Girls Lead Now, a long-term alumnae initiative that will offer the most promising girls ongoing mentorship and support to be able to translate their dreams into action.