News: Africans in the Diaspora mobilizes over $36,000 for African organizations

Seven weeks ago, Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) launched a campaign to raise $30,000 for three social change organizations in Africa. The organization is pleased to announced that at the end of the campaign it was able to mobilize 234 people to invest a total of $36,804.

“AiD was created on the premise that Africans and allies were ready for change in how we do “development” in Africa. We believed that if given a platform that makes it easy to give, and a set of  African change agents doing great work, the diaspora communities and their allies would invest in them. This campaign has proven that,” states the organization’s founder Solome Lemma.

AiD was mobilizing resources to support the work of Senegal’s Synapse Center, which provides unemployed youth with entrepreneurship opportunities; Nigeria’s Physicians  for Social Justice, which offers health care to remote, rural communities; and Kenya’s WEM Integrated Health Services, which helps women gain economic self-sufficiency.

AiD’s Funds platform, an innovative online tool that displays a menu of organizations, complete with relevant information about each, was the primary mechanism through which the funds were raised.

“It was amazing to see who gave and how people gave. We had Africans of all nationalities living in places like the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom investing in this campaign. We’re looking forward to studying the data and releasing a report on the investment patterns, reasons, and types,” said Agazit Abate, AiD’s Research Officer, who will produce the campaign report.

In  the  coming months, AiD will provide updates on the progress of its work and on the activities of  Synapse Center, Physicians for Social Justice, and WEM Integrated Health  Services to help supporters keep track of of what their investment has done for the organizations.

You can learn more about AiD and the campaign here: Follow AiD on Facebook and Twitter!

A nonprofit organization, Africans in the Diaspora envisions a self-reliant, socially and economically just Africa. Through its, Funds, Connections, and Voices programs the organization harnesses the skills, resources, and ideas of Africans to advance social and economic change on the continent. The FUNDS program mobilizes financial resources to support African organizations directly. On the Voices blog, AiD showcases the significant contributions of Africans in development and philanthropy.