We did it! New AiD Campaign Closed: Exciting Results!

As you know; seven weeks ago, we launched a campaign called “New Year, New AiD” to raise $30,000 for three social change organizations in Africa. The campaign lasted for 40 days, ending last week.

AiD was created on the premise that Africans and allies were ready for change in how we do “development” in Africa. We believed that if we offered a platform that makes it easy to give, and a set of  African change agents doing great work, that diaspora communities and their allies would invest in them… and you have!

We are pleased to announce that at the end of the campaign, the AiD community has mobilized 234 people to invest a total of $36,804. This includes $5,000 from a fundraising event for AiD organized by supporters in Los Angeles.

We could not have met our goal without a humbling out pour of support and generosity from you, our community and followers. Thank you for making #NewAiD a tremendous success and for proving the power of community philanthropy!

In  the  coming months, we will keep you updated on the progress of our work and share updates on the activities of Synapse Center, Physicians for Social Justice, and WEM Integrated Health Services so you can keep track of what your investment has done for  these organizations.

Remember, this is just the beginning! Follow us as we build and grow the AiD community: which includes you!