2015 #DiasporansGive Campaign


A fundraising campaign to support 4 women-led organizations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, and Zimbabwe creating opportunities for girls and women to gain economic freedom. 


Why AiD? Diaspora Africans have amassed skills and resources that they can translate into investments back home. As people still connected to their countries of origin, and in may cases with a strong pan-African identity, diaspora Africans are in a strong position to leverage their talents for Africa. AiD provides an easy and effective platform for the diaspora to do so by connecting them directly with african social innovators. 

Why economic empowerment? While there may be economic growth in some parts of Africa, there is also growing inequality. It is important that we support efforts to reduce this inequality and to lift people out of poverty. The organizations in this campaign are working to do just that by tapping into the skills, resources, and knowledge that exist within the communities where they work and creating new roads to economic independence for women. 

Why women? Because when you invest in a woman, you invest in a household. Studies and research have shown when women are empowered economically, they are able to meet their needs, care for their children and families, and use the resources to lift their households out of poverty. 


People can donate online to support these organizations. As an ambassador, you can choose to fundraise specifically for one organization, for all four, or for AiD. Whatever you decide, we will build a fundraising page for you on our Classy fundraising website that you can use to manage your fundraising.