Spotlight: Tom Saater’s Experience with Physicians for Social Justice

Dr. Chukwumuanya  had arranged my ride in advance, and the driver arrived on time, at 10 am to pick me up. I was struck by how humble and friendly the driver was– we took off from Abuja to kotongora in Niger state. I did not expect such a nice hotel in kotongora. I was even more struck by Dr. Chukwu.  He is larger than life, and his kindness is tangible.

Once he was sure I was settled in kotongora ,we retired for the night. The next morning, he came with other members of the organization to pick me up at 7 am. Crossing military checkpoints to get to the program sites, I realized the security risk that the team makes entering these remote areas. While Nigerians worry about living in the remote parts of the country, here is this guy, a Christian, from Eastern Nigeria, venturing into more or less unchartered territory. The road was really bad. Fortunately, concerned villagers would stop to greet us and offer advice on alternative routes.

Early into the journey, I was amazed by the energy PSJ staff gave off. Here’s an organization that is barely managing, but each person I had encountered brimmed over with commitment, passion, and drive. The distance they were willing to to reach these deep rural areas was astounding.  I couldn’t wait to meet the rest of the team. I had to know who these people were who were dedicating their lives fully to this