A Declaration from Lekil Kuxlejal-Ich’el Ta Muk’: An International Agroecology Gathering

This past August, food sovereignty practitioners and advocates from 11 countries including Zimbabwe, Mexico, South Africa, Guatemala, USA, Nepal, India, Brazil, Peru, Honduras and Haiti came together in Chiapas, Mexico to exchange their knowledge, practice and experiences at an agroecology learning exchange organized and hosted by Thousand Currents senior partner Desarrollo Económico y Social de los Mexicanos Indígenas – D.E.S.M.I.  (Social Economic Development of Indigenous Mexicans). The exchange was calle “ekil Kuxlejal-Ich’l Ta K’ (Buen Vivir with respect),” inviting more than 120 indigenous and peasant farmers, movement leaders, indigenous youth, feminists and academic activists to share strategies and offer their commitment of solidarity to one another. The following is a declaration they built together t this international gathering.


Final Declaration – Lekil Kuxlejal-Ich’el Ta Muk’

We are and will continue to organize ourselves as communities of Buen Vivir!

 From near and far, our steps were found in these Mayan lands of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico; we have been walking from our lands and from our different nations to live and build together the nation of Buen Vivir!

We set out from our native and indigenous communities from Asia: Nepal, India; from the Americas: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Haiti, Peru, USA, Brazil and from Africa: South Africa and Zimbabwe.