Physicians for Social Justice (PSJ) provides basic health care and empowers communities to take charge of their health needs through its innovative mobile-health clinic program in Niger State, Nigeria.

Supported Program: Mobile Health Clinic

Partnership Period: 2013 - 2014


Provide life-saving preventive and treatment health services to people in remote communities who would otherwise be without healthcare. 

The AiD community supported Physician for Social Justice’s mobile health clinic. A mobile clinic is PSJ’s ingenious way of taking health services to rural communities. Each mobile clinic team includes a physician, two nurses, a midwife, two community health workers and a counselor. Teams travel across the state in a 4-wheel drive equipped with everything they need to set up an outdoor day clinic. Through our support, they reached over 11,700 people with basic and life-saving health services.

The Results

  1. 16 new community health workers and 26 government health workers were trained. 
  2. 6,100 individuals received consultations and direct treatment.
  3. 5,000 received group trainings led by health professionals, gaining critical knowledge in areas such as nutrition, family planning, and how to prevent common illnesses and diseases.
  4. 3,000 children were reached with consultations and direct treatment.

So What? 

PSJ keeps people who would otherwise succumb to preventable and treatable diseases alive. The organization serves regions that are scarcely reached by national health services and develops basic health programs that local communities and local governments can also adopt. In doing so, it is not only providing health services but also building a foundation for how the villages can care for themselves long after the organization’s work is done.