When mission, vision, values, and approach align, a space for innovative partnerships opens up. In 2014, AiD and Thousand Currents (formerly IDEX) capitalized on this alignment to forge a new path for solidarity philanthropy.

Africans in the Diaspora began a partnership with IDEX in September 2014. The partnership brought together two organizations committed to community-driven development and social justice philanthropy. AiD was incubated by IDEX and operated as a legal entity of IDEX, receiving organizational, operational and programmatic support until January 2017 when the organizations formally merged. AiD is now the Diaspora Partnerships program of Thousand Currents, formerly IDEX. 

We are thrilled to support Africans in the Diaspora in its innovative work to engage the diaspora in active and transformative philanthropy. Since its founding, IDEX has worked to nurture social justice philanthropy that engages its partner organizations in the Global South as equals. We also believe strongly in the idea that diasporans around the world play a critical role in social transformation. AiD was founded on those values, and we are glad to provide the partnership and support the organization needs to continue its groundbreaking and critical work.
— Rajasvini Bhansali, Executive Director, Thousand Currents
AiD was formed with the belief Africans abroad and on the continent have an important role to play in development in Africa. The African Diaspora send $60 billion to their families every year. If we can unleash even 1% of that amount, $300 million can go directly to community development efforts. The potential for impact is great. We are thrilled that IDEX recognizes this potential and has chosen to partner with AiD. IDEX is an organization that not only exemplifies the values of community-driven philanthropy and social justice, but one whose practice we respect deeply and from which we can learn tremendously.
— Solome Lemma, Founder and Director, AiD

IDEX and AiD worked on targeted joint programming and outreach to engage diasporans in strategic philanthropy and to channel those resources to local, grassroots organizations that are transforming their communities. While AiD functioned as a legal project of IDEX that is eligible for tax-deductible donations, its programs and communications remain independent. AiD is based in New York city.

About Thousand Currents

Through its grantmaking program, Thousand Currents partners with organizations and movements —led by women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples in the Global South — that are creating lasting solutions to our shared global challenges.

Our partners develop solutions that are innovative and impactful. They work to ensure their communities have access to healthy and locally grown food, are able to enjoy economic prosperity that generates wellbeing for all people, and live in a safe and healthy environment that supports abundant life.