Funds is AiD’s grant-making program. It allows individuals and institutions to invest in transformational work that is being spearheaded by local organizations in Africa.

Who We Fund

We fund locally born and locally led organizations that are working to create self-reliant individuals and communities.

What We Fund

We work with local organizations helping people in their communities become self-reliant through economic opportunities and personal/leadership development, particularly for women and girls; youth; and marginalized ethnic groups. 

These organizations work in areas such as entrepreneurship training programs; provision of soft and hard skills and tools for employment; savings and financial literacy education; financial inclusion, business development and skills; and mentorship and internship programs. They work in various sectors including agriculture, technology, the arts, and education.

Where We Fund

We currently work in Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe. AiD plans to expand into Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa in the near future.

How We Select Partners

Africans in the Diaspora (AiD) selects organizations on the basis of their ability to bring about meaningful, transformational change in the communities they serve in Africa. Organizations must meet the following list of criteria to qualify for funding:

  1. Registered Status: organizations must be registered with their local or national government to qualify for a profile on the AiD funding platform. If the political, environmental, or social context makes registration unfeasible, organizations must demonstrate nonprofit equivalency or find a registered organization to sponsor them.
  2. Aligned Mission and Vision: AiD looks for organizations that have bold visions for change in their communities. These are articulated through a clear sense of their mission and vision and direction.
  3. Demonstrated results, transformative work: Our partners are committed to bringing about change. In that respect, organizations must demonstrate a proven track record of achievements and results. Regardless of an organization’s size or stage, AiD seeks demonstrated delivery on promise and goals.
  4. Leaders: AiD profiles organizations whose leaders are born and raised in the communities or regions they serve. AiD also looks for leaders that are dynamic, respected, passionate, and inspirational.
  5. Sound financial monitoring and spending: AiD identifies organizations with sound financial management practices. AiD seeks organizations that have managed funding from individual or institutional donors before and that have access to an in-house or volunteer accounting and/or auditing team.
  6. Community-based: AiD looks for organizations that are embedded in the communities they serve, and have created outlets for the young people to be engaged in the design, implementation, and evaluation of their work.

How It Works

The process of investing in our partner organizations is simple.

  1. We find, vet, and profile the most promising organizations.
  2. You review, select, and invest in the organizations that speak to your interests and passion.
  3. We send the resources to those partners.
  4. We continue to engage with them and update you on the progress of their project.
  5. We show you the impact of your investments.